The 4 keys to unlock the power of personalization.
What every marketing leader needs to know about personalization strategy!

Key 1. Develop Personalization Skills - Now Available
Discover how to effectively hire, train and develop the key competencies your team needs for effective personalization.

Key 2. Atomize Your Content - Now Available
Learn how small atomized content pieces can be created and combined to build and scale powerful personalized experiences that deliver results and won’t overwhelm you.

Key 3. Prioritize Your Data - Now Available
How do you draw the line between personal and creepy? When marketers don’t use personal data accurately — either using too many data points or using data in a way that is perceived as too personal, the brand will lose. Discover how to prioritize your customer data to deliver highly targeted messages.

Key 4. Offer Tailored Help - Now Available
Learn how the “know me to help me” approach can amplify your brand’s personalization success. Tailored help is an approach to messaging that provides valuable customer assistance while using a limited number of data dimensions. This allows companies to offer very purposeful help to their customers without violating their sense of privacy.

Key 5. Checklist - Now Available
Now that you have the resources to perfect your marketing personalization strategy, we’ve provided the tools to put your plan into action.


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