Customer experience is a top priority

Despite CEOs becoming increasingly focused on delivering a customer-centric experience, and CMO’s prioritizing the customer experience, marketing functions are struggling to deliver. Marketing must share the responsibility of driving successful customer experience initiatives with other functions in the enterprise.

Marketing technology is underutilized

Marketing functions invest more in technology than any other resource, yet many of these technologies are not being used in an optimal manner. Marketing functions need to ensure that as well as having the right technology in place to drive functional performance, they have the right people in role who will capitalize on the opportunities and insights that marketing technology offers.

Build an agile marketing organization

Modern marketers have more complex performance expectations than ever. To be competitive, marketing leaders must ensure their teams are capable of meeting these expectations in a rapidly changing marketplace. Leaders who employ agile marketing techniques are better placed to drive productivity among their teams.

Brands spend more on digital advertising — with Amazon

Digital advertising is an emerging area of investment for CMOs who are under pressure to drive growth. Amazon is one of the most prominent nontraditional online retailers where consumer brands are seeing a return on their advertising investment, but they must adapt their execution tactics to be successful.


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